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ADMISSION – Buraimi University College – BUC

Admission and Registration Department

About Admission and registration
  1. The admission and registration department is in charge of all functions related to the admission and registration of all students at BUC. Accordingly, It is responsible for the organization, management, and performance of a wide array of specific academic support and service functions integral to the successful conduct of the College instructional mission
  2. The admission and registration department is responsible for maintaining effective communication and cooperation with all academic and administrative units involved in the admission and registration functions which include:
  • Admitting students.
  • Registering students.
  • Processing grades.
  • Maintaining students’ attendance records.
  • Assessing and recording student academic standing.
  • Verifying and certifying degree completion.
  • Administering the academic calendar.
  • Managing student academic records.
  • Managing course catalog in the system.
  • Cooperating with finance department regarding students’ accounts.
  • Processing student academic grievances and appeals.
  • Coordinating the Student Information System with IT department.
  • Preparing, updating, and publishing course schedules and class timetables.
Director Word

I believe that the department of Admission and Registration in (BUC) works to show the entire College as competent, reliable and dedicated to providing quality services to the student population, faculty and staff in a professional manner, at the same time this department is committed to helping the College achieve its educational goals and I am sure that it is quite capable of doing so.

In the light of this perspective, the performance of this department pledges from the  motto “BUC is student centered College” so it is ideal by providing the maximum quality service to the students on a competent and timely basis that qualify students’ to pursue their studies toward the accomplishment of their degree requirements smoothly and easily.

The enrollment function can be successfully administered by the continuous follow up and thorough understanding of students’ needs and staff abilities.

The role of Admission and Registration department (ARD) is essential in the sense that it sets, applies and monitors admission standards, registration procedures in addition to maintaining the academic records accurately and precisely and also executes College policies in coordination with other departments and academic sections.

Admission to BUC

The admission function includes the admission of undergraduate students for bachelor, advanced diploma, diploma degrees and graduate students admission for the master degree. The admission function also includes transfer admission, readmission, continuing to higher degree.

  1. Admission to the BUC is based upon the applicant’s credentials and the instructional capacity of the College.
  2. An applicant’s credentials are defined as their prior academic preparation.

(General education diploma for undergraduate students and bachelor degree for master students).

  1. Satisfaction of all applicable Foundation Program requirements and proficiencies ;( foundation levels and exit exam) are required for progression to academic programs.
  2. Acceptable student conduct.
  3. All prospective students must complete the application and submit the full official documentation required for admission; no person may be admitted to the College without submission of the complete official documentation. (Required official documents are shown on the back of the application form).
  4. Students who are in good academic standing, withdraw or leave the College during the course of a regular academic semester (first or second) are required to apply for readmission according to BUC policies.
  5. All students should receive an official Student Identification Card (ID

For use while an active student at BUC.  Students are required to present their Student ID Card to secure various College services, for admission to final examinations, for campus access, and for other purposes, and students must present their Student ID Card to College officials upon request.

  1. For more details about admission to BUC contact admission desk at BUC premises.

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