Student Activities

Student Activities aims to discover and develop students' skills and developed according to the possibilities available in the department of student activities, and student leaders configuration with high efficiency are relied upon to establish and exercise various student activities throughout the academic year.

Student of the most important activities

Cultural activity

Interested in the development of the talents and skills of students in the fields of poetry, short stories, plays, literature and other fields that contribute to hone the skills of students.

Artistic activity: It includes several groups

Community Fine Arts

This falls under a group of students have talent in drawing, are development through the creation of art workshops with the competent authorities to do so.

Photography group

The use of the Fine Arts Society to develop the talents of students and to participate in many competitions with regard to the field of photography.

Calligraphy group

Comprising a group of college students who have the talent in calligraphy; seeking to develop their abilities in this activity.

Theater group

Been registered group of students who have interest in the areas of output or authoring or representation, where they are now processing the second theater for the activities department.

Folk arts group

Was recorded by a group of college students dubbed (band-spirited) and participate in all the festivities provided by the Department of Student Activities.

Media group

A private group of student activities working on documenting all activities held by the college such as report writing in both Arabic and English, as well as documentation pictures.

Social activity

This activity is concerned the organization of lectures, visits and scientific trips where the implementation of a number of lectures within the college campus for different occasions, in addition to visiting exhibitions and various educational institutions

Sports activity

Based action sports activity mainly on raising awareness of its importance and how it relates to the development of mental capacity and expand the perceptions of students, as well as increase the confidence of the student himself and develop a spirit of leadership and cooperation in all areas of life, using the methods and methodologies varied and thoughtful contribute to refine their talents in the field of sports in a sound and strong .

Physical activity goals

  • Participate in various sports activities and events that are held at the level of the Sultanate of Oman.
  • The discovery of talented athletes in any game of sports.
  • Provide support for them to develop their talents, both by providing them with information or trained.
  • Provide for the needs of different sports.
  • Overseeing the training of both sports teams according to specialization, and to work on raising the capacity of the student physically and mentally.


The housing within their family home provisional student in the college study period, have been taken into account in the college hostel to provide maximum comfort and safety.

And those who focus on the building housing the basis of positive human relations of friendship and mutual respect between residents and staff, as well as providing the atmosphere and the right place to study and use the time usefully and is useful for students through plans and programs designed for this purpose.

Housing programs and objectives:

  • The provision of suitable accommodation for students meet all the requirements for them, as well as to create the appropriate atmosphere and comfortable for their stay.
  • Organize various activities and events throughout the academic year.
  • Work on the composition of the student's personality so as to be able to take responsibility in the future.

Student Council

Given the importance of student participation in decision-making various Bsaarham academic in college and the belief of those who on the faculty need to activate the role of students and encourage them to exercise their full rights on campus, have been issued instructions for the Council of the students and as of the beginning of the academic year 2009/2010, which is hereby Election of members of the Student Council for two years academic 2009/2010 - 2010/2011 The Council aims to achieve the following:

Emphasize the importance of dialogue, understanding and listen to the opinions of others and respect for the owner, and not inconsistent with the asset as an approach to deal upscale.

  • Raise the spirit of competition among students through participation in the membership of the Council.
  • Consultation and cooperation with the Department of college students to solve the problems and the development of their contributions and preserve their rights in various legal affairs in the college.
  • Development of leadership skills among students and build a balanced personality.
  • Foster a spirit of cooperation and the concept of teamwork among students and closer ties between them and the academic and administrative bodies.
  • Contribute to the development of student services.
  • Concern for the establishment of the system in accordance with the overall message and objectives.
  • Maintain the achievements of the college and contribute to the elevation will.