The BUC academic council consists of 11 members appointed by the academic council chair. According to BUC executive by-law, all academic issues shall be discussed and approved in the academic council before being approved by the college councilor board of trustee if it is a major issue. The BUC academic council meets six times per year. (Three times every semester).

Council Membership :

  • Dr. Mohammed Al Majali Dean Chair
  • Mr. Yacoob Fakeer Assistant Dean for Administration and Finance Affairs Member
  • Dr. Mohammed Jahangir Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs Member
  • Dr. Mohammed Zahra Director of Law Program Member
  • Dr. Husain Yahya Head of Business Administration and Accounting Dept. Member
  • Dr. Yasir Fuad Head of English Department Member
  • Mr. Sohail Iqbal Head of Information Technology Department Member
  • Mr. Shaker Mohammed Director of Unit of Foundation Program Member
  • Mr. Khalaf Al-Mamari Director of Quality Assurance Department Member
  • Mrs. Badriya Al-Hanie Coordinator of General Requirements Unit Member
  • Mrs. Iman Al Azzani - Manager of Dean Office Secretary