Health Services

Proving health care and medical treatment is part of the basic priorities of the college. The college clinic was therefore established to ensure a healthy environment for students in the college campus and in hostels and for faculty staff. Medication is free for the students who have financial aid from the Higher Education.

Transportation and Housing

Free comfortable housing and air-conditioned busses are provided for female students who are supported financially by the Ministry of Higher Education. A 35 OR housing aid is being paid for those not staying in college hostels. Transporting students from the hostels to the college and backward has been made available at low prices and fixed time frame.

Study Discounts

  • A 20% discount is granted to students who have social security and limited income, those having financial aid from the Ministry of Higher Education or diploma holders who want to pursue their study for the bachelor degree. Lately, the same discount percentage has been granted to the diploma holders who want to have bachelor degree and who pay for their study from their own money.
  • A 10% discount of the tuition fees is granted to the scholarship students funded by charity organizations and charitable individuals.
  • Certain cases of students who have personal sources of funding are granted 5-100% discount by the approval of the chairman of the administrative board.
  • Fully-paid scholarships are offered by the chairman of the administrative board.
  • Additional 10% discount is offered to students who have brothers and sisters studying in the college until graduation.

Textbooks and Photocopying Services

The Student Services Center is one of the core divisions of Administrative and Financial Affairs. It plays a very vital role in providing all the services and facilitations to the students in the college campus. The college is committed to resources for supporting the center with all the necessary potentials to meet the student requirements. The center performs the following tasks:

  • Issuing student identification cards for all students studying at the college.
  • Photocopying all the study materials for the students.
  • Photocopying lectures, reports, and scientific research papers.
  • Textbooks, study materials and photocopying services are offered free to the students who full and partial scholarships.
  • Providing textbooks and study materials for all male and female students in the college.