Patriotism Goals:

  • Reinforcing a sense of loyalty and belonging to the country. Optimum participation to achieve continuous comprehensive development.
  • A more effective role in the development of knowledge of the economy.
  • A more effective partnership with different sectors of the community
  • Assisting national institutions to compete effectively by adjusting to a free economy.

Educational Goals:

  • Providing optimum youth potential both educationally and culturally.
  • Enforcing better citizenship and active participation of youth in the development of their country.
  • Providing an encouraging, creative and distinctive environment for youth.

Academic Goals:

  • Matching higher educational outputs and labor market demands locally and regionally.
  • The continuous development and improvement of academic programs.
  • Adopting modern educational technologies in teaching.
  • Providing comprehensive and modern learning resources.

Scientific Research Goals:

  • Sponsoring more purposeful and productive scientific research.
  • Maximizing the role of applied scientific research for solving labor problems in different community institutions.
  • Developing the quality of scientific research projects by encouraging team research among the academic staff.

Community Services Goals:

  • Investing in cost effective projects towards achieving the college’s policy of self-finance.
  • Enhancing the role of the college in the community through community initiatives.
  • Raising the standards of national institutions’ performance through varied specialized training.
  • Providing consultation services to local and regional institutions.