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Quality Cycle

The Quality Assurance Department follows the PDCA Deming cycle as introduced in the following four main steps: PLAN => DO => Check => Act

  1. Plan: This step includes the identification of needs, reflection and interpretation of existing data and current processes, planning of goals and objectives.

  2. Do: This step includes the implementation of the goals and objectives and carrying out the new practice. Documentation of implementation is indispensable.

  3. Check: In this step monitoring and reviewing are necessary. Progress of implementation and effectiveness of procedures are constantly evaluated. Recording of results and observation is necessary and comparison with the original starting point and the expected results is required. Results are analyzed to see what the achievements are and what we learn from them.

  4. Act: In this step the focus is on what we will do with the learning and how will this inform us about the whole process. Revising, refining and improving are the outcomes of this step.