Hostel is the temporal family house for the students during their study in the college. Safety, security and convenience are the basic requirements provided by the college hostel. It helps building proper and constructive relationships based on mutual respect between the resident students and the hostel employees. 

The college hostel provides a proper and convenient study environment for the students and ensures privacy for them by the virtue of the programs implemented by the administration. 

Aims and Programs

  1. Providing student with decent and comfortable hostel which ensures appropriate study environment. 
  2. Organizing a diversity of activities within the academic year period. 
  3. Educating students in non-academic fields of life through the participation in seminars, symposia and other community activities. 
  4. Fostering personality characteristics, team work and responsibility sharing.

Student Activities 

The Student Activities aim at enriching knowledge, enhancing abilities and exploring and developing skills of students by the virtue of the available departmental potentials. An active student group shoulders the responsibility of conducting all activities during the academic year. 

The most important student activities are:

1-Cultural Activities 

The aim of these activities is to improve and polish the cultural capabilities and talents in poetry, story writing, play, etc. 

2- Arts

  • Fine Arts The talented students who have artistic capabilities are encouraged to participate in outdoor workshops and activities with the cooperation of related public institutions.
  • Photography Students are encouraged to take part in the galleries and activities with the collaboration of the Omani Fine Arts Association.
  • Arabic Calligraphy Talented students in this field are given access to all the facilities and activities to improve their skills.
  • Theater Students interested in this kind of arts are given enough space to express themselves and are provided with all the means available to take part in the theater activities such as: directing, writing and performing. 
  • Folklore The “Enthusiasm Group” is a group of students formed to play a very interesting and encouraging role in all student academic and nonacademic activities. 
  • Media It is all about covering and documenting indoor and outdoor student activities and filing reports in both English and Arabic.

3- Social activities 

In and off campus visits, scientific trips, seminars, symposia are deemed indispensible part of the social activities of the college students.

Athletic Activities 

The athletic activities aim at increasing the athletic awareness and highlighting the importance of sports to improve the mental and physical abilities of students in all fields of life. Self-confidence, teamwork, leadership and cooperation are among the core priorities of these activities. Various methodologies and programs are adopted in this field with the purpose of discovering and improving new athletic capabilities. 


  1. Participating in all athletic activities and competitions in the Sultanate. 
  2. Identifying the athletic and athletic-looking students. 
  3. Assisting the athletic students to improve their performance through training and updating sports data.
  4. Providing all sports requirements and necessary supplies. 
  5. Supervising the training of sports teams to improve athletes physically and mentally.

Student Council 

Due to the importance of student participation in the decision –making with regard to the study in the college and the commitment of the college administrators to activate and encourage student participation in this respect ,specific regulations had been issued to establish the ‘Student Council’ in the academic year 2009/2010- 2010/2011 .

The council aims to : 

  1. Emphasize the importance of dialogue and contemporary mutual understanding and respect. 
  2. Urge the student to have the council membership. 
  3. Discuss all the student problems with the college administration to develop their contributions and preserve their rights. 
  4. Foster student leadership and positive personality . 
  5. Enhance student cooperation and teamwork and establish positive and collaborative relationships between the male and female students and the college administration. 
  6. Improve the student services. 
  7. Seek to enforce law and order in the light of the college mission and vision. 
  8. Highlight and protect the college achievements.