Introduction :

Believing in the importance of the role played by higher education institutions to contribute to the preparation of youth to contribute in the process of construction and development , Al Buraimi University College  has  established a training, consultancy and community service department so as to provide an opportunity for all members of society  for a continuous education and training in various fields as well as services and development programs for local community`s individuals and institutions.  Since the rapid developments in business, professions and globalization will keep the business world in a highly ongoing competitiveness while providing plenty of opportunities, the department, then, has developed a lot of programs that enhance the knowledge, skills and attitudes of individuals, so that the individual can face the market challenges and the jobs requirements and can  take advantage  of the provided opportunities. These programs have been developed on the basis of appropriate theoretical, practical and scientific studies.

Al Buraimi University department of training, consultancy and community service is one of the important college tools to provide community-based services. The department is specialized in the provision of consultancy and studies on the public and private sectors in all fields. In addition, it   provides various training programs which aim to raise the efficiency of human resources through the adoption of scientific and practical methodology in the process of the implementation of the training courses. Thus, we rely on local and international experts with special expertise in capacity building.

Our Vision :

To make the training, consulting and community service directorate the first choice in providing training and consultancy services in the region within the specifications of national and international standards, and a beacon of science and knowledge in order to contribute to community development.

Our Mission :

To comply with work professionalism, standards and ethics and employ our expertise and our competence to serve all the public and private sectors locally  and internationally through cooperation with local and international academic institutions to achieve our goals.

Our Goals :

To achieve qualitative development of human resources, to enhance efficiency and to boost competence in order to comply with the necessary requirements for achieving global and sustainable development.

The Department's services :

The principal activity of the department is to design, develop and implement innovative programs in academic, administrative and technical fields in order to reach craftsmanship in these areas, as the department seeks to develop employees and job seekers skills.

The development partners and business owners feel the need to refine the process and job skills to avoid slack in human resources as the business environment and jobs suffer from the rapid and constant changes. This process requires, then, an urgent need to rehabilitate workers and develop their abilities to adapt to contemporary work environments by adding the technical and managerial skills that can be achieved only through permanent development in training services.

Consultancy :

Al Buraimi university department of training , consultancy and community service seeks to provide the best scientific, professional, social, economic and legal  consulting for the local community government and private institutions alike.  The department focuses on the structure organization and design of institutions in order to develop the efficiency and performance of enterprises and enhance their competitiveness to carry out their functions more effectively. The educational and personal counseling, as well, is part of our services.

Training :

Training is one of the Unit  strategies that seek to enhance the quality of performance of institutions and businesses in various fields. This can be achieved through scheduled training programs or by developing special programs as needed. These programs aim to provide services to the following categories:

• Employees who wish to develop skills and knowledge to get the most opportunities for success and performance improvement.

• Job seekers who want to boost their skills and enhance their knowledge, which would enable them to take advantage of the available opportunities.

Community Service :

Al Buraimi University College considers itself a partner in community development and one of  the main region tributaries for trained and qualified competencies. Thus, it offers its services through the training, consultancy and community service department`s various development programs, lectures, workshops and seminars. BUC has an effective contribution in supporting and sponsoring different activities and programs in partnership with community institutions from both public and private sectors.

For more information please contact us :

Dr. Bilal Al.Omari 

Assistant Professor of Economics

Acting Director of Training Department

Al. Buraimi University College 

T. + 968 25657666,   Ext. 514

F. +968 25657600



Ms. Hamda Al Khamisani

Executive Coordinator of Training Department

Al. Buraimi University College 

T. + 968 25657666 Ext. 763