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Academic Affiliation and Supervision

Since its establishment BUC has been keen to learn from the expertise of other reputable higher education providers inside and outside Oman. Consequently, California State University, Northridge, USA (CSUN) and Ain Shams University, Egypt have been carefully selected for academic affiliation in the three academic departments (English, IT, Business) and Law, respectively. The choice of these two universities stems from their long and famous history, both regionally and globally, which gives BUC a good opportunity to work with, and learn from, professional and successful higher education providers. BUC and its affiliates work closely to achieve the following tasks:

  1. Provide on-going, generalised conclusive services.
  2. Provide on-going, faculty-to-faculty consultation to address problems and issues relating to teaching, research, and service.
  3. Assist in the development of cutting-edge assessment strategies and practices and to strengthen instructional effectiveness.
  4. Assist in the development and refinement of curriculum for new and on-going programs.
  5. Initiate faculty, staff and student exchanges and expand working relationships between BUC and its affiliates for graduate and continuing professional education programs.
  6. Explore options for other collaborations whenever required. 

Such affiliations aim to enable BUC to benefit from the expertise of CSUN and Ain Shams in designing, revising, and updating all its academic programs. The affiliation of BUC to CSUN also includes mutual cooperation in areas other than academic programs which is implemented in coordination with BUC Quality Assurance Department. This includes trainings, workshops, consultancy, and advising on various areas of interest to BUC.