The functions of the Admission and Registration department are guided by the following.


The Admission and Registration department will be the pioneer in providing quality service to BUC students to facilitate their academic pursuit toward graduation on a timely and reliable basis.


Facilitate and promote student academic success through excellence in offering admission, registration, and follow up services that are fulfilled throughout cooperation and integration with other academic and administrative departments in the College.


  • Create and maintain a comprehensive, accurate, and reliable official academic record system for student.
  • Maintain distinct Admissions Procedure to ease the admission process with recruitment responsibilities.
  • Develop and implement policies and conduct programs to develop and secure student enrollments consistent with the College’s educational goals.
  • Provide a wide range of services to students, faculty, and staff to support the instructional activities of the College.
  • Maintain academic calendar structure to assure academic / instructional integrity and operational practicality.
  • Disseminate the culture of student-centered system of education among students.
  • Disseminate the culture of quality assurance in all the department processes to match with the College vision in this regard.
  • Create environment of understanding and fellowship between students, faculty members, and administrative staff to lend flexibility to students’ acceptance of rules, regulations and procedures enforced by the College.
  • Incorporate technology intensively in business practices to ease the daily working processes.

Osama Al Khasawneh

Director/ Admission and registration

Al. Buraimi University College 

T. + 968 25657666,   Ext. 640

F. +968 25657600