Networking & Information System Dept.      BUC Vision & Mission  Goals  Values Strategic Intent 2015-2020


The distinction in providing services for achieving a university competitive environment in the local level.


  1. Developing the infrastructure for the internal and external computer network as well as the devices and their accessories.
  2. Offering the necessary software and computing the manual business.
  3. Contributing to improve the quality of educational and administrative process at the College.
  4. Organizing the best use to the computing resources which are provided by the College.
  5. Providing the training and technical consultations which are necessary for systems’ users.
  6. Continuing in maintain the security of systems and networks, as well as their safety at the College.
  7. Continuing in developing competencies and technical skills of the center cadre.

Sections :

Networks and Information Security

The Section of Networks and Information Security provides a specialized service in maintenance the computers, networks, and all the accessories as we have specialized experts in maintenance the personal computers, Laptop, printers, scanners, screens, servers, projectors (Data Show). Also, the Section provides the integrated and specialized solutions in the field of networks and its security in all its forms as our technical team has the ability and technical possibilities to implement all what it could require and establish the infrastructure of network according to any further developments and expansions for the buildings inside the University campus. Adding to that, the Section provides the Faculties and Departments with the solutions and technical consultations in the field of Information Technology.

System Analysis and Programming

The System Analysis and Programming Section develops systems (the computerized applications) and follow them up in addition to provide assistance and training to the operating applications and users at the College as a reason to shorten the effort and time as well as enhance the College objectives. Update the College website and follow up BUC site.