Considering the highly important role of Student Affairs in all academic institutions including Al-Buraimi University College, the Student Affairs Department was established in Al-Buraimi University College at the beginning of the academic year 2005-2006 to be one of the main administrative departments. It plays a very important and essential role in tackling all graduate, undergraduate and prospective student issues and concerns at the college. It has the following divisions:

  • Athletic and Cultural division.
  • Social division.
  • Career orientation and guidance office.
  • Hostel division.

Aims of Student Affairs

  • Determining and shaping the personality characteristics of the university students in line with the aims of the Ministry of Higher Education in Oman.
  • Polishing and developing the student skills and providing the students with the appropriate study environment to acquire the basic knowledge in their study.
  • Connecting the students with the community and fostering nationalism.
  • Training the students to have leadership, obedience and responsibility sharing.
  • Maintaining brotherly relationships among the students and the administrative and teaching staff members.