Welcome to BUC Unit of Foundation Program (UFP). I kindly invite you to navigate through the pages and get a thorough idea about our foundation program. Roughly speaking, the foundation courses have been designed in accordance with the Oman Academic Standards for General Foundation Programs set by the Omani Authority for Academic accreditation (OAAA) and the Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE).

Accordingly, the foundation program courses cover four main areas of study: English, Mathematics, Information Technology and Study Skills. The UFP seeks to prepare students for their studies at a degree level and it strives to provide them with the necessary knowledge and skills in a very pleasant and encouraging atmosphere. The UFP director and all his staff are always welcoming any type of queries from the part of students, parents and guests. We are very committed to keep all of you updated regarding the UFP and its development.

Again, we are so glad to welcome you at our website wishing all the best to our students who deserve a better bright future that may start at BUC Unit of Foundation Program.

Dr. Omar Al Sawafi

Director of the Unit of Foundation Program
Al-Buraimi University College
P.O. Box 77. PC 512
Tel: +968 25 657 684
Fax: +968 25 657 600
E-mail: shaker@buc.edu.om