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It is the main goal of Media and Public Relations to convey the image of the college and manifest academic and nonacademic activities and recent developments to the community through diverse communication means. Participating in exhibitions, academic conferences and gatherings inside and outside the Sultanate of Oman and sponsoring all the scientific, cultural and social activities are considered prime responsibilities for Media and Public Relations. Furthermore, Media is one of the core and indispensible components of successful and effective institutions. It is the connection by which all activities can be conveyed to the world outside.

Sections of the Department:

  • Public Relations.
  • Media
  • Marketing

Aims of the Department:

  • Winning the public opinion with the authentic and true information about the programs and strategies of the college as an academic institution.
  • Promoting the college image to gain the people’s trust and consent.
  • Establishing positive relationships among the employees based upon mutual understanding.
  • Maintaining permanent connection to the local, regional and international academic institutions.