Quality Assurance Department        BUC Vision & Mission BUC Goals BUC Values Strategic Intent 2015-2020

QA Department objectives :

  1. Spreading and enhancing quality culture concepts and standards and quality assurance and accreditation processes among the members of the college community.

  2. Supporting the college’s quest towards achieving its mission and strategic objectives.

  3. Proposing policies and mechanisms that meet the quality standards and requirements.

  4. Following-up the implementation of policies and mechanisms and reviewing them periodically.

  5. Applying the standards of  Oman  Academic Accreditation Authority (OAAA)  in terms of institutional and program accreditation.

  6. Setting performance standards and evaluation mechanisms.

  7. Providing support and guidance to all departments and sections at BUC to help them achieve quality standards and requirements.

  8. Implementing periodic and continuous assessment for college performance in education, research and services.

The department seeks to advance in

  1. Teaching.

  2. Learning.

  3. Assessment.

  4. Extracurricular activities.

  5. Research.

  6. Administrative practices.

  7. Campus Services.

  8. Community services.