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Scope and purpose of QAM

The BUC Quality Assurance Manual identifies requirements for the effective implementation of a quality management system in compliance with the requirements of the Ministry of Higher Education in Oman and the Oman Academic Accreditation Authority. The successful implementation of a quality management system demonstrates BUC commitment to be guided by its vision and to achieve its mission. The QAM emphasizes quality control of all BUC services, recognizes the importance of constant improvement based on evaluations and feedback, values benchmarking with other higher education institutions, and encourages excellence in doing tasks in all areas of activity.

The QAM will be updated every two years based on evaluation and feedback. The policies and procedures included in the manual are subject to review by the responsible parties following the official approval procedures and hence they are updated accordingly. The QAM will be circulated to all administrative and academic staff and in case of any updates new approved versions will be circulated.