I. Focus on Academic Quality

The BUC has committed itself to attaining the highest academic standards, offering programs and courses that meet national needs and clearly link theory and practice. We want to recruit faculty who pioneer new course designs to increase student learning experiences and educational outcomes, participate in professional organizations and activities, and engage with the public, business, and social sectors.

II. Focus on Students’ Experience

The BUC has embarked on an ambitious agenda for establishing programs and courses that offer our students pathways to lifelong success. We want to be recognized by other universities, accrediting agencies, and employers for the breadth and depth of knowledge attained by our graduates.

III. Focus on National Community Service

The BUC has always viewed itself as a contributor to the betterment of our nation, emphasizing the importance of citizenship, service, and responsibility. We want to develop collaborations with local, regional, and international partners to meet today’s emergent social and economic challenges.

IV. Focus on Infrastructure 

The BUC has continuously invested in its infrastructure, including buildings, data systems, and grounds, to support our growth and forward momentum to become a leading regional university. We want to establish the operational and financial foundation needed to support future growth requirements.


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