revision RESEARCH – Buraimi University College – BUC

Scientific Research and Higher Studies Vision and Mission


BUC Faculty and graduate students are active producers of meaningful research, significant contributors to the development of the country, and efficient partners with the community.


The Department of Scientific Research and Higher Studies aims to disseminate and enrich the culture of research among BUC faculty and graduate students through setting effective research plans, providing financial resources and academic support, and offering research programs.

Scientific Research and Higher Studies Objectives


  1. To oversee the implementation of the college strategic objectives for research.
  1. To create and develop policies and procedures regarding faculty members’ research activities and funding.
  2. To review and evaluate all research proposals and conference participation requests from the college faculty staff and write recommendations to the college dean for final decisions.
  3. To develop research budget and oversee the financial support given for scientific research projects and publications submitted by faculty members at the college.
  4. To review faculty members’ research plans and make recommendations to the dean on any reallocations of teaching loads for faculty members involved in meaningful research.
  5. To coordinate with the college academic departments and organize conferences and symposiums, to offer postgraduate programs in accordance with the college research strategy.
  6. To periodically organize research forums and symposia to disseminate the research culture among the college faculty members and students.
  7. To monitor and ensure that research undertaken by faculty members is conducted in accordance with the college policies on research Ethics, Biosafety, and Intellectual Property.
  8. To establish and disseminate an “Outside Door Policy” that encourages and enhances cooperation with industrial/commercial agencies in terms of consultation, research sponsorship, and funding.
  9. To establish mechanisms for collaboration with national and international research networks that might help to enhance the college research performance.
  10. Coordinating with the academic departments to ensure that the faculty members’ research and scholarly activities are effectively incorporated into curricula and have a positive impact on teaching and student learning.
  11. Coordinating with the academic departments to offer and monitor postgraduate programs as articulated in the college strategic plan.
  12. To offer research consultations to the faculty members and students.