“BUC students are expected to acquire the following academic abilities, personal qualities, and professional skills during their undergraduate studies. These skills make their attributes after graduation.”

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Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs and Research Message 

It is my pleasure to welcome you to our e-home and to introduce you to the academic programs we offer and the scientific research endeavors we are conducting at Al Buraimi University College. BUC has been providing quality education to undergraduate students since 2003. There are four academic departments at BUC that offer different programs and degrees: Department of Business Administration and Accounting, Department of English, Department of Information Technology, and the Law Program. BUC has also two academic units: Unit of Foundation Program that offers intensive English courses to prepare students to join the academic programs, and the Unit of General Requirements which is responsible for the general requirement courses taught in Arabic in the college. BUC has also a Department of Scientific Research and Higher Studies that works to disseminate and enrich the culture of research among BUC faculty and graduate students through setting effective research plans, providing financial resources and academic support, and offering research programs.

The aforementioned academic departments and units work closely with two affiliate universities- California State University-Northridge, USA, and Ain Shams University, Egypt- in order to maintain and develop various academic plans that include, among others, curricula development, programs review, assurance of learning, and professional development. The very active collaboration between BUC and the affiliate universities in addition to the college highly qualified faculty help BUC to produce high quality graduates who possess personal and professional skills that would contribute effectively to the economic, social, and cultural progress of Oman and the region.

For detailed information about BUC academic departments and programs, visit the web links found under each department tab where you can find departments’ visions, missions, goals, study plans, and other relating information. You are always welcome to contact us for any further information you may want to know.


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