Academic affiliation

Proceeding from the primary role played by educational institutions in providing the society’s needs of specialists and experts in various scientific and technical fields and in view of the tremendous developments that our contemporary world is witnessing in various aspects of knowledge, we have been keen at Al Buraimi College to benefit from the experiences of others.. Therefore, we chose the University of California Stith North / the American University, Ain Shams University in the Arab Republic of Egypt, and the University of Jordan in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, which is one of the most prestigious universities in the world Because they have a long history and scientific competence at the regional and international level to be our starting point, benefiting from their experiences and successful experiences, as it represents one of the most important guarantees of educational quality through their supervision and follow-up to our study programmes, which guarantees a high-level university education that is internationally recognized. We have passed in this aspect The concept of supervision and traditional cooperation so that our study programs became according to the academic levels of those universities.