Department OF English Language And Literature

English language and literature Program

This program offers student’s great understanding of English language skills, linguistics, literature, and translation. The program equips graduates with high proficiency levels in oral, written, and communicative language skills. It helps students appreciate and make sense of Western Civilization’s history, thinking, cultural trends, and literatures. Acting as a bridge, the study of English exposes students to other cultures written English. Studying English develops student’s aesthetic appreciation of the world around them. Our graduates are very strong competitors. They earn jobs in public and private sector firms including general education, higher education, publications, media, banking, government and non-government organizations.

Academic Degree Awarded Credit Hours Program Length Program Fees
Internet Service Fees Credit Hour Fees
Bachelor 126 4 Years || (8 Semesters) RO. 6 RO. 55
Advanced Diploma 93 3 Years || (6 Semesters) RO. 6 RO. 55
Diploma 63 2 Years || (4 Semesters) RO.6 RO. 55

English language and literature Program Objectives :

Objective (1) Acquire knowledge of literary periods, concepts and critical theories

Objective (2) Criticize literary texts of different genres using critical theories and prespectives

Objective (3) Demonstrate good control of the four basic language skills for acquiring and exchanging information.

Objective (4) Acquire knowledge of concepts, current issues, and research methods in Linguistics.

Objective (5) Translate different types of texts from English into Arabic and vice versa.

Objective (6) Apply knowledge of psychological principles and educational theories to professional and practical teaching.

Objective (7) Use knowledge of the various linguistic systems to perform efficiently oral and written communicative acts within social contexts.

English language and literature Program Goals:

  1. Raising the student’s level of competency in the four language skills: listening , speaking, reading and writing . This is achieved through the certain language courses required of each student during the first two years .
  2. Giving the students a firm ground in English literature and trying to develop their critical and aesthetic abilities.
  3. Familiarizing the students with the research methods to be able to conduct a kind of serious research in any area of their study .
  4. Developing the students’ understanding and appreciation of the literary and pragmatic uses of language.
  5. Familiarizing the students with major theories and trends of linguistics and their applications in different areas related to language.
  6. Creating in the students an awareness of the principles of translation and encouraging them to have a kind of practice in this field.

English language and literature Program Learning Outcomes:

Students are expected to be able to …………….

  1. Demonstrate good knowledge of the speech features such as sounds , stress and intonation.
  2. Respond fluently to questions , statements, agreements and disagreements .
  3. Conduct a conversation confidently , clearly and properly using a number of language functions and vocabulary items appropriately .
  4. Show an understanding of a text by listening to speakers using connected language .
  5. Demonstrate ability to use effective listening strategies extensively and intensively
  6. Recognize the structure of a text by reading it silently and fast .
  7. Demonstrate the ability to use effective reading strategies extensively and intensively .
  8. Identify the main features of a writing text , punctuation , spelling and organization .
  9. Use correctly certain cohesive devices to produce a unified text .
  10. Use properly important writing skills such as summarizing and note-taking to produce a short report .
  11. Appreciate a literary text appropriately .
  12. Use correctly the research methods to write papers on language –based topics .
  13. Describe the different language systems using scientific language .

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