Department OF English Language And Literature


  1. Oral and written communication: Ability to communicate arguments and ideas clearly in oral, visual and written forms and to various audiences.
  2. Critical thinking: Ability to critically evaluate, analyze and interpret information from various sources to formulate their own understanding.
  3. Problem solving: Ability to apply logical and methodical approach to define and investigate problems and formulate creative solutions.
  4. Ethical decision making: Autonomous individuals able of personal and project management skills including organization, working to deadline, time and resources management and an awareness of relevant ethical and legal frameworks.
  5. Technology skills: Advanced IT competences and proficiency in the use of internet sources.
  6. Team-work spirit: Ability to work as part of a diverse team with multiple perspectives showing interpersonal skills and an appreciation for sharing, cooperating and working towards common goals.
  7. Value citizenship, locally and globally: Loyalty and a strong commitment to the social, economic and cultural development of the nation and an understanding of diversity issues and international contemporary issues. 
  8. Value diversity: Respect for the diversity of different perspectives and inter-cultural awareness that fosters multi-cultural competence and open-mindedness.

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