General Requirements Unit


General Requirement Unit

In 2008, the General Requirements Unit was established as a stand-alone unit, and this unit works to provide students with the language skills they need, cultural and social knowledge, which helps them communicate with the community and with various local and international sources of information, in addition to refining their talents and personalities with types of human knowledge, which contributes to building a balanced personality.


Providing the community with a generation capable of positively interacting with the requirements of contemporary life in local and global communities.


Providing the student with a solid scientific base of language and life skills, which have a role in refining and shaping his reputation so that he is able to communicate with local and global communities in light of the wealth of information and technological progress, in achieving the requirements of daily life, whether at the level of scientific or practical life.


  1. Refine the four Arabic language skills – reading/speaking/listening/writing.
  2. Introducing the student to the characteristics of the four Arabic language skills
  3. Analyzing the texts read with critical thinking skills – conclusion / discrimination / evaluation.
  4. Introducing the student to the stages of Islamic civilization, its resistance and characteristics.
  5. The student distinguishes the characteristics of Islamic civilization and its system.
  6. Explain the transformations that have occurred in Islamic civilization in its various stages.
  7. Introducing the student to the characteristics of Omani society.
  8. The student compares the Omani environment with other Gulf environments.
  9. Teamwork in community service – local/global

Courses Offered

Arabic Language

Islamic Civilization

Omani Society

Faculty Members

Mrs. Badriya AL Hinai

Head of Department
Tel : +968-25657521

Mr. Mohammed Al Murad

Tel : +968-25657522

Mrs. Samah Al-Mamari

Tel : +968-25657526

Dr. Manar Al Masri

Assistant Professor
Tel : +968-25657523