Admission and Registration Department

  1. The admission and registration department is in charge of all functions related to the admission and registration of all students at BUC. Accordingly, It is responsible for the organization, management, and performance of a wide array of specific academic support and service functions integral to the successful conduct of the College instructional mission
  2. The admission and registration department is responsible for maintaining effective communication and cooperation with all academic and administrative units involved in the admission and registration functions which include:
  • Admitting students.
  • Registering students.
  • Processing grades.
  • Maintaining students’ attendance records.
  • Assessing and recording student academic standing.
  • Verifying and certifying degree completion.
  • Administering the academic calendar.
  • Managing student academic records.
  • Managing course catalog in the system.
  • Cooperating with finance department regarding students’ accounts.
  • Processing student academic grievances and appeals.
  • Coordinating the Student Information System with IT department.
  • Preparing, updating, and publishing course schedules and class timetables.

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