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Director Word

I believe that the department of Admission and Registration in (BUC) works to show the entire College as competent, reliable and dedicated to providing quality services to the student population, faculty and staff in a professional manner, at the same time this department is committed to helping the College achieve its educational goals and I am sure that it is quite capable of doing so.

In the light of this perspective, the performance of this department pledges from the motto “BUC is student centered College” so it is ideal by providing the maximum quality service to the students on a competent and timely basis that qualify students’ to pursue their studies toward the accomplishment of their degree requirements smoothly and easily.

The enrollment function can be successfully administered by the continuous follow up and thorough understanding of students’ needs and staff abilities.

The role of Admission and Registration department (ARD) is essential in the sense that it sets, applies and monitors admission standards, registration procedures in addition to maintaining the academic records accurately and precisely and also executes College policies in coordination with other departments and academic sections.

College Admission Requirements!

For admission to the college, the student is required to have successfully obtained a high school certificate or its equivalent, whether inside or outside the Sultanate, provided that the student who obtained a high school certificate from outside the Sultanate must equalize the certificate at the concerned authorities in the Ministry of Education in the Sultanate


A certified revealed the marks of the original general education diploma, an equivalency certificate from the Ministry of Education in the Sultanate for students who obtained it from outside the Sultanate.


A Copy Of  Civil ID, Passport, Three photographs and the Birth Certificate.


Certificate of good conduct and behavior.


The admission form filled with data that the student receives from the college’s admission and registration department or through the college’s website.


A medical certificate that he is free from infectious diseases.


Acceptance fees (100) riyals (non-refundable) can be paid electronically.

Admission to the Master & MBA program

Conditions for admission to the Master program

  1. The student must have obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Law or its equivalent from an academic institution recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education in the Sultanate.
  2. That the student’s cumulative average in the bachelor’s degree is not less than (2.5) or its equivalent in the marks systems.
  3. A student with an acceptable grading of a bachelor’s degree may be accepted, provided that he has practical experience in the field of specialization of at least two years.

Financial fees

  1. Fees for applying for admission (150) Omani riyals to be paid upon submitting the application (non-refundable fee).
  2. The approved hour fee is (130) Omani riyals.
  3. Continuity fees for registering a master’s thesis (50) Omani riyals for each semester in which the student registers the thesis at a rate of zero credit hours.
  4. The amount of (6) Omani riyals internet fees for each semester for students who study at their own expense.

Scholarship Procedure

First: Changing the educational institution

A: The Scholarships Committee approves requests to change the educational institution in the following cases:

1- The student transfers from one university to another with justifications approved by the attachés or the supervisory authorities.

2- Changing the educational institution for the student to study in the preparatory program or the English language program, provided that he meets the unconditional acceptance of the institution he wishes to transfer to in the same field of knowledge (same academic department).

3- Changing the student’s educational institution after completing the preparatory program or language requirements, provided that the student fulfills unconditional acceptance in the academic program from the educational institution wishing to transfer in the same field of knowledge

B: The change should not result in a repeat of one year of study.

C: The student should not have any financial obligations to the educational institution to which he is enrolled.

D: The student shall bear all personal financial costs associated with housing, rent and bills resulting from the decision to transfer from the educational institution.

Second: change of specialization

A: The Scholarships Committee approves requests to change a student’s major in the following cases

1- The new student obtains direct admission in the major he wishes to join, provided that it is in the same field of knowledge as the accepted major.

2- The student who completed the preparatory program obtains an unconditional acceptance in the major he wishes to join, provided that it is in the same field of knowledge.

3- The student is unable to join the specialization he is sent to for academic reasons or because there are not enough seats in the specialization, after obtaining a recommendation from the academic supervisor at the educational institution stating that he can join the program to improve his academic status and with the approval of the attaché or the supervisory authority.

B: The change of specialization should not affect the expected date of graduation of the student by no more than the period specified for the extension.
A: The change should not result in a repeat of one year of study.

Third: Postponement

1- Postponement for the specified period (two separate or continuous semesters).
2- Commencement of study after the postponement.
Fifth: The duration of the mission
1. Only one year (two semesters) for the Foundation Program, otherwise it will be at the student’s expense.
2. Undergraduate students have 8 semesters in the major,
3. Diploma students have 4 semesters of specialization
Note that the summer semester is not counted in the duration of the scholarship.

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