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The vision, mission and goals of the Alumni Club


Continuous communication with all graduates, following up on them, opening the doors of the college to them and providing them with assistance

Help enable graduates to compete in the labor market by training them to search for jobs and pass interviews

  • Strengthening and developing relations and links between graduates and working to manage them to ensure their sustainability.
  • Strengthening relations and closer communication between the college and its alumni.
  • Organizing and establishing cultural, scientific, social, sports and artistic activities.
  • Working through the various committees in the club to organize cultural, scientific, social, sports and artistic activities.
  • Contribute to the organization of programs and courses to qualify and raise the efficiency and performance of the college graduates in order to achieve harmony between the level of graduates and the requirements of local development and the needs of the changing labor market.
  • Working through the various committees in the club to organize cultural, scientific, social, sports and artistic activities in order to represent the college on all occasions inside and outside the Sultanate.
  • Searching for material resources to support the club fund through various activities and to contribute to supporting students to complete their educational path
  • Establishing an alumni day on an annual basis, in which all graduates of the different batches are invited, in order to ensure that the graduates communicate with each other
  • Communication and coordination with various institutions in order to establish scientific and cultural activities with the aim of developing knowledge and actively contributing to the development of the local community and deepening the spirit of citizenship.
  • Cooperating with the Career Guidance and Graduate Follow-up Department at the college to create a database that includes sufficient information about all graduates so that it is available in an organized manner on the Internet for use by companies, factories and institutions.

Important numbers & statistics about college graduates!


College initiatives to support graduates

Initiative (Developmental Communication)

Which focuses on following up the career future of graduates through holding job fairs and inviting leading companies and institutions to learn about the college’s outputs.

Initiative (I am for my college)

Which focuses on the contribution of graduates to providing assistance to students by communicating with them and directing them to choose the appropriate specialization for them.

Publication of periodicals

Issuing periodic bulletins that are concerned with all the latest developments in the field of their specializations.


Issuing bulletins and courses for the club, which include scientific and cultural topics of interest to the graduates and economic studies for the local and global market. It also includes information about the college, its career and the achievements it has achieved.

Initiative (qualified)

Which focuses on attracting the most important human development trainers to set up training courses and workshops to qualify graduates and develop their skills.

Initiative (Better Future)

Through which the graduates will provide guidance and career guidance to first-year students to support them in choosing a specialization that meets their aspirations in line with the labor market.

Initiative (We are for each other)

Which aims to support graduates each other by exchanging experiences, providing job opportunities, expanding the network of relationships, and then activating this initiative by creating groups through social networking sites.

Advertisements for job opportunities & selected jobs

Job Opportunities 31-08-2022

Job Opportunities 31-08-2022

اضغط لتحميل الملف

Job Opportunities 03-14-2021

Job Opportunities 03-14-2021

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Jobs 2021-02-12 2021

Jobs 2021-02-12 2021

Signing a cooperation agreement with Khalifa Al-Esayi’s office for the preparation program, which will be implemented during the coming period

Watching Video

Jobs 2021-01-23

Jobs 2021-01-23

CV Workshop This workshop was presented as part of the Training and Employment Forum
Presented by / Bader Al-Sheedy

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