revision فعاليات ترفيهية وتعليمية في مخيم لاجيال المستقبل – Buraimi University College – BUC

فعاليات ترفيهية وتعليمية في مخيم لاجيال المستقبل

Al Buraimi University College, represented by the training Unit, organized the summer program (Al Buraimi Camp for Future Generations) at Tawam International School, targeting pupils  from 6  to 12 years old.

The camp aims to teach the English language, develop the linguistic and behavioral skills of the students and enhance the spirit of cooperation, problem- Solving as well as the acquisition of knowledge and exchange of ideas and the openness to different opinions.

The program also includes  cultural activities, sports and educational application and practice  using English language .

The students start their day at the summer camp by learning English in different ways and methods of modern learning through collective learning in classes followed by sports activities offered in English such as swimming, football, tennis … etc. All activities and events are supervised by teachers and trained professionals and are presented between the corridors of Tawam International School Which is considered one of the world’s advanced schools in the Sultanate

The summer program is expected to run until July 4th, and BUC plans to organize a summer camp on its campus for students ranging from 13 to 18 years old from 29 June to 18 July.

The camp will include many cultural, educational and sports activities as well as some social and tourist trips to several attractions in the Sultanate.