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Vision of GFP

The GFP’s vision is to pursue the path of excellence in developing a fully viable, working and appropriate centre that caters for the needs of all foundation students with varied learning abilities and language competencies, thereby helping AL-Buraimi University College to achieve its mission to promote the cause of education in serving the community and contributing in nation-building activities.

Mission of GFP

لتزويد الطلاب الخريجين الطموحين لدينا بإتقان اللغة الإنجليزية ومهارات تكنولوجيا المعلومات الأساسية ومهارات الحساب والدراسة في متابعة دراساتهم العليا وبالتالي المساهمة في رفاهية المجتمع من خلال المساعي المختلفة.

The Admission and Registration Department enrolls all students seeking admission to BUC by advertising from time to time and by accepting the students allotment from the MOHE. Admission is open to students who have cleared their General Diploma Certificate Examination (Grade 12) from a recognized board of education and possess the relevant attested certificate. New entrants will take the Placement Tests for English, Mathematics and Computing Exam conducted by the UFP.  Information regarding admission criteria for all new entrants is mentioned in the Student Guide . New students will take the Oxford English Online Test, the in-house Computer Based Mathematics Test and IC3 Test. Students who score Pre-A1 – A1, A2 are placed in Level 1, B1 in Level2, while students who score between B2 and above join the Academic Departments. Students who score less than 50% marks in the Computer Based Mathematics Tests will have to study the courses of Mathematics while  those students who fail the IC3 Placement Test will have to study IC3.

Students who fall under the following categories are exempted from the English Placement Test:

  • تقديم درجة IELTS لا تقل عن 5 أو TOEFL (الاختبار الورقي) لا تقل عن 500 و TOEFL (CBT) لا تقل عن 180.
  • اجتياز شهادة البرنامج التأسيسي من مؤسسة تعليمية أخرى داخل عمان أو خارجها (يجب على الطلاب تقديم المستندات الأصلية بما في ذلك كشف الدرجات ووصف المقررات المعتمدة من المؤسسة التعليمية التي درس فيها الطالب).

English Oxford Placement Test Information:


Mock Exams Samples:

Basic Math (English)

Pure Math (English)

Applied Math (English)

Basi Math (اللغة العربية)

Applied Math (اللغة العربية)

IC3 (English)

IC3 (اللغة العربية)

Ms. Somaia Al-Kendi

Director of GFP
EXT. 684

Mr. Elvis Burrows

EXT. 591

Mr. Yamen Dridi

EXT. 593

· Mr. Saghir Ahmed

EXT. 597

Ms. Ilda Darwish

EXT. 582

Ms. Samira Al-Araimi

EXT. 579

MS. Noura Al-Azani

EXT. 586

 Ms. Asma Al Belushi

EXT. 585

Ms. Salama Al-Naaimi

EXT. 589


Mr. Abdulaziz Al Kaabi
IC3 Instructor
Extension: 762

Mrs. Aysha Al Mamari
IC3 Instructor
Extension: 761

Ms. Aisha Al Azzani
GFP Coordinator
Extension: 573

توصيف المواد

Integrated Intensive English – Level 1 : is a learner-centered syllabus designed to develop an overall English language proficiency at both the basic and the elementary levels in order to prepare  students for the challenges of the pre-intermediate studies in Level 2. It follows a step-by-step approach with a variety of manageable and stimulating communicative activities, giving the students a clear and steady sense of progression and helping them consolidate their knowledge of English language. It also helps the students build and develop a wide range of high-frequency vocabularies and their pronunciation.

توصيف المواد

Integrated Intensive English – Level 2 is a learner- centered syllabus designed to develop an overall English language proficiency at the pre- intermediate level in order to prepare the students for the challenges of the intermediate studies in level 3. It revises and extends many of the structures covered at the Elementary level and perfectly offers a higher level of communicative activities ranging from controlled to free tasks encouraging the students to explore the language within contexts related to daily life. The course facilitates the students’ critical thinking which leads them to become active and autonomous learners.  Moreover, it helps the students learn a wide range of high frequency vocabulary and develop their writing proficiency using realistic topics and language functions which are motivating and useful in real life situations.

GFP English Exit Exam

The Exit Exam is taken at the end of level 2 to test the English language proficiency of the students completing Foundation Programme. The exit exam has been benchmarked with IELTS.

The Exit Exam consists of four sections. Details are given below:

  • Section 1: Reading – 2 passages – 20 marks
  • Section 2: Listening – 2 tasks – 20 marks
  • Section 3: Writing – 2 tasks – 20 marks
  • Time: 2 hours
  • Section 4: Speaking – IELTS format – 20 marks

The marks are converted to band scores. Students need to have an overall band score of 5 with not less than a band score of 4 in each of the skills in order to enter academic programme. A sample Exit Exam will be uploaded on the college website.

Re-sitting Exit Exam

Students who fail to get the required scores in the Exit Exam are provided a second chance to take the Re-sit Exit Exam in the first week of the following semester.

GFP Mathematics Exit Exam

  • The exit exam is eligible for the GFP students who successfully passed basic mathematics and applied/pure mathematics courses.
  • The exam duration is two hours.
  • The students who failed in the first attempt can have another chance to re-sit the exam.
  • The passing mark of the exit exam is 50/100.