Seventh National Student Research Conference

Al-Buraimi University College, represented by the Scientific Research and Innovation Unit, organizes the Seventh National Conference for Student Research, entitled “Fostering Innovative Research and Integrating  Academic Practices” under the auspices of His Excellency / Ahmed bin Faris Al-Azzani, member of the Shura Council, representative of the governorate of Al-Buraimi. The conference was inaugurated by the Director of the Scientific Research and Innovation Unit, Dr. Dr. Rana Al-Nuaimi, Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs and Research, Dr. Omar Al-Sawafi, gave a welcome speech to the attendees. Members of the academic staff and researchers from various universities and private colleges in the Sultanate participated in the conference. This conference is an excellent opportunity for undergraduate and postgraduate students to present research papers, participate in discussions, and explore future challenges, as well as  to identify recent trends in multidisciplinary research. The conference included 4 tracks in language, literature and translation, information technology, business management, accounting and law studies. 47 research papers were discussed. Dr. Hilal Al-Muqbali, the official plenary speaker for the conference from Sohar University, presented a research paper entitled (Think once and learn once but do many) and the participants presented their work in person and virtually from 20 different universities and colleges in the Sultanate. They touched on innovative research and how to integrate it with academic practices.The conference also hosted a series of workshops that aimed at promoting innovation and exchanging experiences and participation in line with the needs of the labor market.