Business Administration & Accounting Department

Business Administration Program


Business Administration Program envisions being a leading business and management program that generate socially and ethically responsible competent Leaders and Management Professionals to become part of the industry both regionally and globally.


Business Administration Program aims to foster high-quality education and research in business management by providing a conducive learning environment that encourages students and faculty to pursue professional excellence in management and leadership. This program facilitates the holistic development of students as ethically and socially responsible professionals equipped with strong conceptual knowledge, technical know-how, and innovative mindset that will best serve the community nationally and internationally.

Programme aims and Learning Outcomes

  • Programme Aims:
  1. Equip our graduates with the ability to think critically, evaluate and solve real-life business problems.
  2. Ensure that our graduates exhibit excellent technical, interpersonal, and communication skills required at work.
  3. Foster teamwork and leadership skills through group work and assignments appreciating cultural diversity.
  4. Provide our graduates with advanced academic and professional knowledge to work for various positions in the management field.
  5. Mold our graduates as ethically and socially responsible professionals, thus contributing to the sustainable development of society both regionally and globally.
  6. Endow our graduates with sound research and entrepreneurial skills that enhance their innovative mindset.
  • Programme Learning Outcomes (PLOs):
  1. Examine specialized conceptual knowledge of principles, concepts, and theories in core business disciplines within the global business context.
  2. Develop effective and collaborative leadership, teamwork, and motivational skills required in a diverse work environment.
  3. Employ appropriate quantitative and qualitative decision-making techniques in managerial decision-making.
  4. Analyze Legal environment, ethical conflicts, social responsibility and sustainability issues involving different stakeholders, regionally and globally.
  5. Integrate scientific research techniques in solving business problems.
  6. Display strong written, interpersonal, and negotiation skills using appropriate technology in organizational communication.
  7. Formulate strategies and business plans that apply financial, operational, human resource, and marketing knowledge for organizational development and growth within a global context.