Business Administration & Accounting Department

Business Economics Program


Our Vision is to empower students and staff to become informed accounting professionals equipped with the necessary technical skills, critical thinking abilities, and ethical values to succeed in a dynamic and globally connected business environment.


To provide excellence in accounting education through teaching, research, and service. To offer accounting education to students who desire to work in public accounting or obtain other professional certifications or conduct applied research benefiting accounting and business.

Programme aims and Learning Outcomes

  • Programme Aims:
  1. Provide students with a solid understanding of fundamental accounting principles, concepts, and practices.
  2. Equip students with the necessary technical skills to perform accounting tasks effectively
  3. Develop students’ analytical skills and critical thinking skills, enabling students to evaluate financial information, assess risks, and develop strategic recommendations
  4. Instill ethical awareness and promote ethical behavior in accounting professionals.
  5. Expose students to emerging technologies and their impact on accounting practices.
  6. Enhance students’ communication and interpersonal skills, enabling them to effectively communicate financial information to various stakeholders
  • Programme Learning Outcomes (PLOs):
  1. Apply accounting principles and practices and other functional areas in businesses.
  2. Analyze complex accounting issues and apply critical thinking skills to develop well-reasoned solutions
  3. Utilize modern accounting software and advanced technologies tools in the accounting
    information system.
  4. Effectively apprise accounting information, both orally and in writing, to various stakeholders.
  5. Implement business research skills.
  6. Demonstrate effective and collaborative interpersonal skills in a team setting.
  7. Evaluate the essentials of entrepreneurial innovation to turn your ideas into action.
  8. Review legal and ethical frameworks relevant to the accounting field.