College Council

Dr. Yasser Fouad Selim


Mr. Ali AL Abri

Assistant dean for Administrative affairs and Quality Assurance

Mr. Mosa AI Hanai

Assistant Dean for Academic support Affairs

Dr. Mohammed Zahra

Director of Law Program

Dr.Omar AI Sawafi

Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs

Dr. Mohammed Fargani

Head of Business Administration & Accounting Department

Dr. Sohail Iqbal

Head of Information Technology Department

Ms.Badrya AI Hinai

Director of UGR

Dr.Rana AI Naimi

Director of Scientific research & innovation Unit

Dr. Chaker Mhamdi

Director of Quality Assurance Department

Ms. Somaia Al Kendi

Director of General Foundation Program

Ms.Basma AI Badi

Director of Admission & Registration Department

Dr.Sultan Alyahyai

Community representative