The inauguration of the new college campus is coinciding with the dramatic changes and developments the college has embraced due to the persistent efforts that have been exerted for the last seven years. The college has unprecedentedly achieved a remarkable progress and has become one of the pioneer academic institutions in the country by the virtue of its deep commitment to the scientific and academic methodology and by the excellent work of the academic and administrative staff, all of which in turn have had a profound and positive impact on the professional skills and the creative abilities of our graduates in the labor market. The vision of the college administration, staff teamwork, institutional dedication and commitment to educational opportunity and excellence have all contributed to these outstanding achievements.

The supervision of the Omani Ministry of Higher Education, the college affiliation to California State University Northridge and our persistence to apply quality assurance have considerably enhanced the aforementioned excellence and proficiency and have resulted in permanent connections with the various economic sectors (public and private) to promote welfare and progress in the Sultanate.

Launching the new college website is an objective response to the ideology of the college administration presided by Shiekh, Ahmed Bin Nasir Al-Nuaimi aiming at innovation and proficiency and has coincided with the inauguration of the new campus which is deemed an outstanding turning point to provide a quality and excellent academic environment.

We feel so proud for all these achievements and we are looking forward to opening, through this new website, a wide and innovative window to our students to communicate and access a rapidly changing world of globalization and information technology and to those who seek innovation and development.

Our goal is to maintain a real and permanent collaboration with all the people accessing our website. Every word of thanks goes to those who exerted exceptional efforts in launching this website and especially to Shiekh, Ahmed Bin Nasir Al-Nuaimi for his constant support and encouragement.


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