a) Conditions for admission to the Master of Laws program:

1. The student must have obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Law or its equivalent from an academic institution recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education in the Sultanate.

2. That the student’s cumulative average in the bachelor’s degree is not less than (2.5) or its equivalent in the marks systems.

3. A student with an acceptable grading of a bachelor’s degree may be accepted, provided that he has practical experience in the field of specialization of at least two years.

b) Financial fees:

1. Fees for applying for admission (150) Omani riyals to be paid upon submitting the application (non-refundable fee).

2. The approved hour fee is (130) Omani riyals.

3. Continuity fees for registering a master’s thesis (50) Omani riyals for each semester in which the student registers the thesis at a rate of zero credit hours.

4. The amount of (6) Omani riyals internet fees for each semester for students who study at their own expense