The Exit Exam is taken at the end of level 2 to test the English language proficiency of the students completing Foundation Programm. The exit exam has been benchmarked with IELTS.

Exit Exam

Course Information

Course Title      : Exit Exam.
The Exit Exam consists of four sections. Details are given below:
Prerequisite     :  UFP 104, 105, 106
Section 1 : Reading       : 2 passages – 20 marks
Section 2 : Listening     : 2 tasks – 20 marks
Section 3 : Writing        : 2 tasks – 20 marks
Section 4 : Speaking    :  IELTS format – 20 marks.

Course Description

The marks are converted to band scores. Students need to have an overall band score of 5 with not less than a band score of 4 in each of the skills in order to enter academic programm. A sample Exit Exam will be uploaded on the college website.

Re-sitting Exit Exam

Students who fail to get the required scores in the Exit Exam are provided a second chance to take the Re-sit Exit Exam in the first week of the following semester.


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