Information System Program

Programme Vision, Mission & Objectives


The Program provides students with a technological and business knowledge to develop and integrate effective IS solutions that support management decision making and organizational strategies. The Program prepares graduates for a variety of IS careers in business, government, and non-profit organizations.


IS program provides and equips students with all the knowledge and skills in information technology applications, computer technology applications, media network, corporation strategy, corporation executive support. The program prepares graduates with all that is required for successful careers such as program system analysts, program applications developers, networks specialists, data base executives, information center consultants, data analysts. Our graduates will found job opportunities in both government and private sector firms.


  1.  Demonstrate knowledge of underlying infrastructure of information systems.
  2. Apply networking concepts to solve organizational problems.
  3. Analyze business problems using foundational knowledge from the fields of economics, accounting, business law, and statistics.
  4. Acquire knowledge of operational management to support organizations.
  5. Develop software’s by using different principles and practices of software design and development.
  6. Show awareness of social and work ethics.
  7. Show good command of language in general and specific contexts relating to the discipline.