Law Program

General Information

Duration of study

Duration of study (4) academic years (8) semesters for the student who is committed to registering the number of credit hours according to the indicative plan for the specialization with (15-18) credit hours for each semester. The duration of study in the program depends on the number of credit hours the student registers in each semester The number of credit hours he succeeds in and his academic achievement, and accordingly, the duration of study varies from one student to another.

Study Language

Due to the nature of the courses in law and the labor market’s need for a graduate of this specialization to be proficient in the Arabic language, the Arabic language was chosen as the language of study for this specialization.

Instructions for granting a Bachelor degree

The college applies clear instructions for all the study programs it offers, including the specialization of law. At the beginning of his admission to the college, the student is provided with a copy of these instructions (student guide). The college, study plans, exams, the grading system, how to calculate semester and cumulative averages, registration for courses, and withdrawal Addition and withdrawal from subjects, attendance, absence, duration of study at the faculty, student’s academic load, warning, dismissal from the faculty, postponement, discontinuation of studies, transfer, change of specialization and all matters that regulate the course of study in the faculty and the conditions for granting academic degrees in the faculty, as well as knowledge of all other instructions in the faculty, including instructions for disciplinary procedures for students and instructions for internal housing.

Student’s Guide

In addition to the information contained in the Student Handbook, which organizes the course of the study in the college, the college issues the Student Induction Handbook at the beginning of each academic year. and its end).

It also shows the importance of academic guidance for the student, as well as the rights and duties of the student, in addition to all the various activities that are held during the academic year, in addition to the activities of the induction week for students for each semester and many things that clearly show the things that the student needs during his studies at the college.