Law Program

Programm Vision, Mission & Objectives


To become a pioneer and a strong competitor to law schools and legal education institutions in the Sultanate of Oman and the Arab region in the fields of legal education, scientific research and legal community service.


The law program works to provide a high-quality learning environment by offering programs that keep pace with modern standards to prepare students with theoretical knowledge and practical skills and to provide them with the labor market in a way that contributes to meeting the needs of development plans and improving the requirements of justice and the rule of law within the framework of judicial practices, whether standing judiciary or sitting judiciary, as well as Raising the level of legal awareness capable of defending national rights and public freedoms efficiently.

Program Objectives

  1. Preparing legal cadres capable of competing in the labor market in various legal and economic fields and providing them with the requirements of the modern era and the necessary skills and modern techniques.
  2. Develop legal scientific research and develop the student’s ability to analyze and criticize through preparing research and reports throughout the academic year.
  3. Providing the appropriate scientific environment to ensure the quality of teaching, learning and training.
  4. Supporting continuing education in community service by preparing and implementing training programs and workshops and providing legal advice.
  5. Supporting and spreading the legal culture and the values ​​of Islamic civilization by encouraging scientific research and holding scientific conferences and symposium.
  6. Providing students with various skills that help them to perform efficiently in their future career.
  7. Contribute to the development of local legislation in line with recent developments.