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Vision, Mission and Objectives


BUC Faculty and graduate students are active producers of meaningful research, significant contributors to the development of the country, and efficient partners with the community.


The Department of Research and Innovation aims to disseminate and enrich the culture of research among BUC faculty and graduate students through setting effective research plans, providing financial resources and academic support, and offering research programs.


1.To create and develop policies and procedures regarding faculty members’ research activities and funding.
2.To review and evaluate all research proposals and conference participation requests from the college faculty staff and write recommendations to the college dean for final decisions.
3.To develop research budget and oversee the financial support given for scientific research projects and publications submitted by faculty members at the college.

Conference Participation for the academic Year 2021-2022 - First Semester


Our Recent work.

Deparmtent Events


Research colloquium serves as an opportunity to evaluate and praise students’ hard work and innovative projects. It embraces different activities that shed light on students’ contributions during the academic semester. Students are chosen and nominated by their academic departments for two praises which are BEST PROJECT and BEST PRESENTATIONS


Research forum is held two times a year. The significance of this activity is to share knowledge, innovation and up to date scientific research among BUC staff. The forum is organized by the BUC Scientific Research and Professional Development Unit that seeks the support of expertise from BUC academic staff and staff from other colleges and universities to present up to date topics and innovative ideas.

Students Best Projects

2 2021

Students Best Projects And Presentations Second Semester 2020-2021

Latest News

Our Latest News

Research Approaches in Teaching, Learning, and Technology
The Unit of Research and Innovation has organized the first research forum during the academic year 2021–2022. The title of the forum is "Research Approaches in Teaching, Learning, and Technology." Lecturers from the USA and Oman have given their fruitful participation to bridge the gap between traditional teaching methodologies and the most recent teaching methodologies