Student Activities Department

The Student Activities Department is concerned with supervising students in the implementation of many aspects of student activities “cultural, sports, roving clans, volunteer work.” Such as communication, teamwork, and leadership, through which talents and energies are discovered and invested, and students are integrated into university life through the various facilities of the Student Activities Center, including sports, cultural and recreational facilities to serve the vision and mission of the college.

Latest Activities

Yesterday evening, December 28, 2021 AD, the Chairman's Cup football matches for the academic year 2021/2022 started, where the graduate team won the opening match against the law team, and in the second match the business administration team won against the Foundation Program team.

Student clubs and groups

karate club
Gym includes many games and fitness equipment
For both, Male & Female
Scout team
  1.  Media group
  2.  theater group
  3. A voluntary cover and cover group
  4. Debate Club
  5. Literature group
  6. Karate Club
  7.  roving clans
  8. Arts Society
  9. Sports Teams
  1. English language skills club
  2. LAW clinic
  3. Business club
  4. IT club
  5. Foundation Club.
  6. Culture and Creativity Group.
student council

Student advisory council

It aims to plan and achieve positive student participation in decision-making in the college to develop the educational process and student activities, and to communicate students’ perspectives on the educational, extracurricular and service activities provided in the institution.