The Admission and Registration Department enrolls all students seeking admission to BUC by advertising from time to time and by accepting the students allotment from the MOHE. Admission is open to students who have cleared their General Diploma Certificate Examination (Grade 12) from a recognized board of education and possess the relevant attested certificate. New entrants will take the Placement Tests for English, Mathematics and Computing Exam conducted by the UFP. Information regarding admission criteria for all new entrants is mentioned in the Student Guide . New students will take the Oxford English Online Test, the in-house Computer Based Mathematics Test and IC3 Test. Students who score A0 – A1 are placed in Level 1, A2 in Level 2, B1 in Level 3, while students who score between B2 – C1 join the Academic Departments. Students who score less than 50% marks in the Computer Based Mathematics Test will have to study Basic Mathematics along with the Level 1 English Course while those students who fail the IC3 Placement Test will have to study IC3 along with the Level 2 English Course. Students who fall under the following categories are exempted from the Placement Test:


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