Graduate Attributes

During their undergraduate studies, students of Al Buraimi University College acquire the following scientific capabilities, personal qualities and professional skills. It is these skills that shape their traits after graduation.

Oral and written communication

Ability to communicate and present arguments and ideas clearly in oral, visual, and written forms and to different audiences.

Critical Thinking

Ability to critically evaluate, analyze and interpret information from various sources to formulate their own understanding as students.

Problem Solving

Ability to apply a logical and systematic approach to identifying and investigating problems and formulating creative and innovative solutions.

Ethical Decision Making

Ability to achieve independence and possess special project management skills including good organization, control over time and resource management and awareness of relevant ethical and legal frameworks.

Technical Skills

Proficiency in the field of advanced information technology and skill in the use of Internet resources.


Ability to work as part of a diverse team with multiple perspectives to achieve common goals.

Pride in the spirit of citizenship locally and globally

Loyalty and strong commitment to the social, economic and cultural development of the nation and an understanding of diversity issues and contemporary international issues.

Respecting diversity and difference

Respect for the diversity of different points of view and awareness of multiculturalism, which enhances openness to the other and to different cultures