General tasks of department

  1. Implementation of laws and regulations related to personnel affairs.
  2. Completing all matters related to recruitment, promotions, employee bonuses, vacations of all kinds, and the termination of their services.
  3. Implementation of decisions issued by the competent authorities in the matter of employees.
  4. Opening and keeping records and files of employees and updating them with all new data.
  5. Preparing experience certificates, salary certificates, or other certificates required by employees based on their records.
  6. Preparing decisions to appoint employees or transfer them between departments and departments of the college, as well as decisions to discharge them to complete their studies, training courses, or dispatch on official internal and external missions.
  7. Providing data, information and statistics on the college workforce.
  8. Preparing job description guide.
  9. Participate in planning the human needs of the college in coordination with the departments and departments of the college.
  10. Take the necessary measures to provide manpower to the college in coordination with the rest of the departments and departments of the college.
  11. Carrying out the administrative work of the committees related to personnel affairs and the accountability committee for members of the administrative and academic bodies.