Business Administration & Accounting

Accounting Program


Academic Affiliations


Learning Objectives of Accounting Program

01.Acquire skills and competencies in the core functional areas of Accounting.

02.Demonstrate understanding of the fundamental concepts and theory of business practice.

03.Develop student’s critical and strategic thinking skills using different learning resources.

04.Analyze financial and non financial information for the purpose of making decisions.

05.Build an effective communication both orally and in writing in professional business situations.

06.Apply the comprehensive knowledge of accounting theory into practice consistent with the IFRS standards.

07.Analyze Legal environment, ethical conflict and social responsibility issues involving different stakeholders.

Accounting Program Structure – Credit Hour Structure

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Semester wise study plan : 

01.Semester One

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02.Semester Tow

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03.Semester Three

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04.Semester Four

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05.Semester Five

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06.Semester Six

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07.Semester Seven

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08.Semester Eight

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List of Elective Courses : 

  Courses Id and Name Pre –requisite   Courses Id and Name Pre –requisite
1 ACCT231 – Cost &  Management Accounting ACCT230 9 ECON330- Money & Banking ECON161
2 ACCT425- Senior Seminar in Accounting Theory ACCT 352 10 FIN306 -Financial Statement Analysis FIN303
3 ACCT428 -International Accounting ACCT 352 11 FIN431-Risk Management FIN 303,MGT100
4 ACCT440 – Taxation ACCT 352 12 MGT302 -Supervised Training
5 ACCT460 – Auditing Principles ACCT352 13 PHIL305 -Business Ethics & Public Policy
6 ACCT470 – Advanced Management l Accounting ACCT230 14 PSY352 -Motivation MGT 100
7 MGT662 -Strategic Planning and Implementation MGT 100 15 BUS401 -Research Methodology SOM120
8 ECON309 -Economics For Manager ECON161 16 ECON312- Banking & Operations Management ECON330

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