Business Administration & Accounting Department

Human Resource Development Program


To make a positive impact in the field of Human resource management locally and globally.


To provide high-quality education and facilitate research in Human Resource Management that benefits the organization and its stakeholders.

Programme aims and Learning Outcomes

  • Programme Aims:
  1. Equip our graduates with the ability to think critically, evaluate key terms, theories/concepts and practices within the field of HRM.
  2. Ensure that our graduates exhibit excellent technical, interpersonal, and communication skills required at work.
  3. Foster teamwork and leadership skills through group work and assignments appreciating cultural diversity.
  4. Provide our graduates with advanced professional knowledge to evaluate HRM related social, cultural, ethical and environmental responsibilities and issues in a global context.
  5. Mold our graduates as ethically and socially responsible professionals, innovative solutions to problems in the field of HRM.
  6. Endow our graduates with sound research and entrepreneurial skills that enhance their innovative mindset and implement new skills and techniques in their organizations.
  • Programme Learning Outcomes (PLOs):
  1. Examine the fundamental and advanced concepts, theories, and functions of Human
    Resource Management.
  2.  Interpret the legal and ethical concepts related to employment laws, practices and industrial relations.
  3. Display strong written and interpersonal communications and negotiation skills required in resolving disputes at the workplace.
  4. Demonstrate sound entrepreneurial, research, analytical, and critical thinking skills required for ethical decision making.
  5. Explain the importance of teamwork and motivation in leading a culturally diverse workforce.
  6. Develop effective HR strategies and policies related to staffing, training and development, and employee performance appraisals.
  7. Utilize advanced technologies in HR Planning and assessment of training needs in crafting innovative HR decisions in organizations.